Call CARSS: 1-415-944-5474

CARSS Riders must be 60 years of age or older or younger with   a disability and residents of Sausalito or the Floating Homes (up to Gate 6 1/2).  Riders must be able to walk to and from the car and be able to help themselves into the car.  If a Rider has a disability that precludes their ability to do this, the CARSS Program Coordinator will provide information about alternative transportation through the County.

Rides are available around the City of Sausalito, the floating homes communities up to Gate 6 1/2 Road, and Gateway Shopping Center (CVS) - NO exceptions.

To begin taking rides with CARSS Volunteer Drivers, Riders must first complete and return a short application. 

You can download and print the application you will find below.

Here is an overview of the important points:

  • You must complete and return an application before your first ride
  • First preference will be given to Riders who call up to a week ahead and leave a message to schedule a ride
  • Trips may be offered earlier or later than your request, please plan to be flexible
  • Drivers may pick up additional Riders going in the same direction
  • Same Day Short Notice Rides are available, so flexibility is key
  • Maximum of four (4) ONE WAY trips per day
  • Drivers provide door to door service, but WILL NOT WAIT, this is drop off service ONLY, NO EXCEPTIONS
  • Drivers will carry shopping bags from the car to your door 
  • ​PLEASE be patient, courteous, and understanding!

'Call A Ride for Sausalito Seniors'

CARSS Riders