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CARSS during Covid-19 Pandemic

Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, CARSS was providing an average of 180 rides per month. But, in mid March 2020 all rides came to a screeching halt with the mandated shelter in place.

We are proud of our immediate response during the pandemic to be a resource for our most vulnerable residents, whether they were signed up with our program previously or not.  CARSS moved into action changing from a transportation program to an errand and delivery program for all residents of Sausalito and the Floating Homes, 60 and older, younger with a disability or living with a senior at risk.


Many of our Drivers were over 60 and had to be furloughed from going into stores and the community at the beginning of the pandemic.  Gratefully,  new Drivers came forward looking for a way to be of service during this devastating time.


Over 500 errands per month were provided during the pandemic!  This included shopping and delivery of groceries and medications, pickup and return of library books, delivery of fabric masks sewn by volunteers and prepared meals delivered from restaurants.  


We are back in business for both rides and errands, so please sign up as either a volunteer or rider.


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