CARSS during Covid-19 Pandemic

CARSS immediately moved into action when the shelter in place began in March 2020. The free transportation program changed into an errand and delivery program for all residents 60 and older, younger with a disability or living with a senior at risk.

CARSS volunteers will:

● Shop at local grocery stores and pharmacies and deliver to your door
● Pick up and return library books at Sausalito Library
● Deliver dinners from the monthly restaurant dining program
● Deliver free fabric face coverings made by Sausalito Village volunteers


To receive services, contact CARSS at 415-944-5474. You will need to complete a simple CARSS Rider application.


Interested in VOLUNTEERING DURING COVID? We need drivers who are under 60 years of age and in good health willing to shop for our more vulnerable residents. Call 415-944-5474 to get started!

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