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Volunteer Information

Sausalito’s community of people is as beautiful as the geographic area we live in. Unfortunately, for those without the ability to drive, our steep and narrow hills make everyday tasks more difficult. Our goal with CARSS is to keep our residents socially connected as they age in their homes and community by offering free transportation around town.  The local rides can be for any reason - to have lunch with a friend, go to the local dentist, enjoy a trip to the hair salon - anything as long as it is within the geographical area and during the hours of CARSS.

What Will I be Doing as a Volunteer Driver?

As a volunteer Driver you will transporting Riders in your own automobile wherever they have scheduled to go in Sausalito! Some of the most popular destinations include Target, CVS and Mollie Stones but are not limited to shopping.  Riders also request rides to enjoy a walk around Cavallo Point or connect with a public bus in Marin City or the Manzanita Bus stop. 

This may seem like a very simple task, but for someone who can no longer drive themselves or navigate walking the hills or distances in Sausalito, it becomes a life changing experience.  For example, for many of our Riders just knowing when they walk out of the store with their grocery bags in a cart, that there will be a friendly Driver who will help to get the bags in the car and to their front door, it makes all the difference!

Rider Testimonials

"CARSS is an absolute blessing in my life.  I would be missing out on so many things without the transportation these wonderful volunteers provide."

"When I had to give up driving, CARSS became my lifeline.  I am now able to keep connected to my friends and my community."

-Jo, CARSS Rider

-Roshan, CARSS Rider


How Does CARSS Make a Difference?

CARSS Drivers enrich their community through transportation. Driving residents to where they need to go - whether visiting friends, continuing hobbies or accomplishing daily chores. CARSS encourages them to live life more independently, keeping connected to their greater community. 

CARSS drivers can:

  • Bring People Together

  • Encourage Independence

  • Meet New Friends

  • Enjoy Monthly Lunch Events

  • Connect our Community

  • Build Intergenerational Friendships

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