Volunteer Information

    Sausalito’s community is as beautiful as the area we live in. Unfortunately for those without the ability to drive, our steep and narrow hills can make everyday tasks difficult. Our goal is to keep the community connected regardless of age or physical limitation by offering free car rides.

What Would I be Doing?

    As a volunteer driver you’ll use your own car to transport residents wherever they would like to go in Sausalito! This commonly includes events, library visits and local errands. 

    We kindly ask you contribute at least one four-hour driving shift per month. Choose shifts Monday through Friday, from 10AM to 2PM.  You’ll start with a driver orientation with our program coordinator before getting on the road. We request you attend driver events focused on fun and education on a quarterly basis. 

Passenger Testimonials

"CARSS is an absolute blessing in my life.  I would be missing out on so many things without the transportation these wonderful volunteers provide."

"When I had to give up driving, CARSS became my lifeline.  I am now able to keep connected to my friends and my community."

-Roshan, C.A.R.S.S. passenger

-Jo, C.A.R.S.S. passenger

How Does C.A.R.S.S. Help?

    C.A.R.S.S. drivers enrich their community through transportation. Driving residents to where they need to go - whether visiting friends, continuing hobbies or accomplishing daily chores. C.A.R.S.S. encourages them to live life as they would like. We believe our program helps Sausalito residents live independently, cheerfully and connected to their great community.   

C.A.R.S.S drivers can:

  • Bring People Together

  • Encourage Independence

  • Meet New Friends

  • Enjoy Monthly Lunch Events

  • Connect our Community

  • Build Intergenerational Friendships

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