In-ride Guidelines

    C.A.R.S.S. passengers please read the following guidelines prior to your first ride. If you have any questions, please feel free to Contact Us.

1. Please be on time and at your designated pick-up spot.  The Drivers have scheduled pick- ups and cannot wait.  IF you miss your ride, you can call 415-944-5474 and follow the prompt for a ‘Same Day Ride’.  You will be connected to the Driver on Duty as long as it is between 10AM and 1:45PM.  Otherwise, you will need to phone for a taxi.

2. Drivers are not allowed to provide other services. For example, please do not ask drivers to shop for you, fix something in your home, etc.

3. Carry your cellphone. It is important to have your phone with you at your time of pick up in case the Driver needs to reach you.

4. Please don't offer your driver money or tips. The Drivers have chosen to volunteer their services, if you would like to make a donation, you can make one to CARSS to keep the program running

5. Rides are available around the City of Sausalito, the floating homes communities, Manzanita transit stop and Marin City's Gateway Shopping Center.

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In-Ride Guidelines