Scheduling a Ride

    All CARSS rides are scheduled by telephone. Please view our Available Times and Service Area to secure a ride.

Call C.A.R.S.S.

(Press 1 for Scheduling)

    Not yet a registered C.A.R.S.S. passenger? Click Here for more information.

Available Times

  1. Rides are available from 10AM to 2PM Monday through Friday

  2. Rides should be scheduled at least one day in advance

  3. Same day ride requests are possible depending on our schedule

  4. Maximum four one way trips per day

 ** Please Note** Our drivers provide door to door service but will not wait. We encourage you to thank them for their kind service to the community.

Service Area


    Rides are available around the City of Sausalito, the floating homes communities, Manzanita transit station and Gateway Shopping Center (CVS) only. We are not able to make exceptions at this time.

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Scheduling a Ride





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